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Good news | EASTWIN products have obtained several utility model certificates

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Eastwin Scientific Equipments Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "EASTWIN") recently obtained the patent certificate certification of the company's product Real-time PCR system, Controllable Thermal Unit and Thermal Shaker  by the State Intellectual Property Office. The relevant information is hereby announced as follows:

Utility Model Patent Certificate 1:
A multichannel Real-time PCR system


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Technical Field
The invention relates to the fields of molecular biology experiment, gene amplification technology, fluorescence quantitative detection and diagnosis technology, in particular to a multi-channel Real-time PCR system.

Background and advantages
With the development of molecular biology research and application, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology has been widely recognized because of its accuracy and reliability. DNA and RNA detection technologies developed on this basis emerge in an endless stream, and become one of the cornerstones of molecular biology experiments, and also become a tool for human beings to understand the micro world and themselves.

At present, the optical system working modes of the mainstream Real-time PCR detection system mainly include top detection mode, bottom detection mode and side detection mode, which have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The invention provides a multichannel Real-time PCR system, which comprises a PCR mechanism and a fluorescence detection mechanism. The use of the invention technology effectively reduces the light source background in the signal, improves the detection accuracy, and each first light hole has the same excitation efficiency and detection sensitivity, and eliminates the influence of photoelectric device performance drift.

Utility Model Patent Certificate 2:
Temperature control system for automatic workstation

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Technical Field
The utility model relates to a temperature control system, in particular to a temperature control system suitable for an automatic workstation.
Background and advantages
In modern molecular experiments, clinical disease diagnosis and screening, high-throughput sample automatic operation methods and systems are needed. In addition, the automatic workstation needs temperature control module which is small in size and can adapt to various reagent orifice plates, but in fact, in the actual application process, due to the large volume and individual independence of conventional products, it can not be effectively equipped into the automation system, so as to achieve automatic operation. For the two-stop mode of work, it brings disconnection to the whole process, brings inconvenience to the staff, and also affects the work efficiency.

The invention provides a temperature control system suitable for an automatic workstation, including a temperature control unit and a control unit, which can be used as an independent miniaturized equipment, and can also be conveniently integrated into a large-scale automatic workstation to meet various practical needs of users and improve the degree of automatic control of the work station.

Utility Model Patent Certificate 3:
Thermal Shaker hot lid and Thermal Shaker device

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Technical Field
The utility model relates to a Thermal Shaker device, in particular to a Thermal Shaker hot lid machine.
Background and advantages
The preservation and reaction of biochemical reagents usually need to meet certain temperature conditions. Thermal Shaker is a kind of instrument which can provide temperature control for the preservation and reaction of biochemical reagents. It can be widely used in the temperature control of biochemical sample preservation, enzyme reaction, nucleic acid and protein denaturation, PCR reaction, electrophoresis pre denaturation and serum coagulation.

At present, the Thermal Shaker consists of heating seat, cooling plate and radiator from top to bottom. The heating seat is used to place the container, and the sample to be insulated is placed in the container. When the metal block is heated to high temperature, the sample in the test tube evaporates due to the high temperature at the bottom of the test tube, and most of the samples are lost. The cover body pressing the opening of the test tube arises at the historic moment, but the distance between the cover and the metal block is certain. The metal block can not withstand the openings of all the containers by placing containers of different specifications.

The invention provides a Thermal Shaker hot lid, and discloses a Thermal Shaker device, which can balance the temperature of the upper and lower test tubes, prevent the evaporation of reagents in the test tubes, avoid the mutual pollution of evaporated reagents, and adapt to different types of test tubes.

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