eQ9600 qPCR
  • eQ9600 Real-time PCR System
  • Product name:Real-time PCR System
  • Chinese name:实时荧光定量PCR检测系统
  • Product model:eQ9600
  • Design idea:Simple but extraordinary


              Product introduction             

The eQ9600 series product is a 96-well high-throughput real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR detection system released by EASTWIN following the eQ1600 series. This product adopts the DDSOM two-dimensional scanning photoelectric module technology and thermal system design, the unique technology of EASTWIN, achieving product characteristics of strong photoelectric signal, high sensitivity, low background noise and light weight. Coupled with powerful and friendly system software, it can be used for multiple gene detection, quantitative analysis, SNP analysis, melting curve analysis and other experiments.
This system is suitable for polymerase chain reaction and quantitative detection in immunology, human genome engineering, forensic medicine, oncology, tissue and population biology, paleontology, zoology, botany and other fields.

              Product features             

1. System parameters
96-well high-throughput 4/6-channel simultaneous detection

2. Appearance
Simple and lightweight    A3 size

3. Optical performance
Strong fluorescence signal, low background noise, high sensitivity

Independent excitation light for each channel, independent fluorescence detection, strong signal and low background noise. It is especially suitable for fluorescent quantitative PCR experiments with low-concentration DNA reagents such as direct amplification reagents, extraction-free reagents, and quick extraction reagents.
1 scan to complete all channel detection.
Solid-state electronic optical data collection.

4. Software system
Simple software interface, powerful system functions

The operating software adopts windows10 interface style and operating habits, which is easy to use for customers.
The system has parameter setting (with password authority), experimental parameter setting, sample information input, operation management, data export EXCEL, PCR program overview, real-time amplification curve display, channel crosstalk correction, criterion setting, automatic report, curve picture capture and other functions.

5.Temperature performance
Lightweight temperature control module, rapid temperature change, good uniformity

Adopting the EASTWIN's proprietary thermal system design, which not only reduces the weight of the module, but also obtains excellent temperature uniformity, for effectively shortening the PCR experiment time.
Long-life semiconductor cooler (Peltier) is used for cooling.